Rubiks Cube

Solve The World’s Most Loved Puzzle In Minutes

A Colourful Treat For Your Brain

With its origins tracing back to 1974, the Rubik’s Cube was originally called the ‘Magic Cube’ as the thrill of solving this colorful puzzle is phenomenal. Having over 43 quintillion combinations, mastering the Rubik’s cube will not only leave your child feeling accomplished but will help make them smarter & shaper.

Why Learn Rubik’s Cube With Aarkubers

Aarkubers provides the easiest and biggest platform to learn to solve a Rubik’s cube with training from certified professionals.

Improves problem-solving ability

Improves patience & concentration

Improves memory

Keeps your mind active

Develops sharp mental reflexes

Helps in healing the Body Chakras

Enhances spatial awareness

Exposure to logic application

Develops patience & persistence

Aarkubers - Join the League of Best Cubers

Courses Designed For Every Child

Aarkubers - League of Best Cubers

Ages: 5+

Aarkubers League of Best Cubers provides your child the biggest platform to learn Rubik’s Cube Mastery from certified professionals. From basic to advanced speed cubing, the classes are structured to help break down the complexity and conquer the problem-solving process under timed conditions. Challenge your child’s mind with this incredible 3-D combination puzzle that’ll make your child smarter & sharper.

Course Highlights

Get trained by certified professionals

Preperation for Cube Championships

Learn cube logic and tricks

Flexible schedule

Course completion certification

Eligibility in Aarkubers Championship

Best program if you’re a beginner

Training from basic to advance Rubik's cube

Indian Cube Association

Ages: 5+

Take your child to the next level of Rubik’s cube mastery with advanced techniques of layering and much more with training from Indian Cube Association (ICA) - India’s largest autonomous body regulating and promoting Indian cubers by providing them a National Platform. Watch your child become a speed cuber by championing the strategies to decode quicker, competing in speed cubing tournaments.

Course Highlights

Get trained by ICA Trainers

Indian Cube Association Membership

Course completion certification

Eligibility in ICA National Cube Championship

Get a FREE Cube formula card

Get a FREE professional cube for any cube course you enroll for

Passionate About Nurturing Young Minds?

Rubik’s Cube Teacher’s Training Program

Have a desire to become a Rubik’s Cube trainer & start your entrepreneurship journey? Get professionally trained with Aark Learnings.

FAQ's About Rubik's Cube Classes

Rubik’s cube is a 3-Dimensional puzzle that was created by a Hungarian architect Erno Rubik. It is the most loved puzzle of the world and also records the most sold single product till date.

Aarkubers is the Rubik’s Cube wing of Aark Learnings that provides the biggest platform to individuals to learn solving Rubik’s Cube in its Rubik’s cube online classes. In these Rubik's cube solving classes, you will learn from basic to advanced speed cubing. We teach more than 15+ varieties of Rubik’s Cube starting from age group 5+ years. Rubik’s cube is such a engaging activity that even adults of varied ages found it very fascinating.

Talking about the few benefits of solving a Rubik’s cube solving classes:

  1. Increase Concentration
  2. Develop Eye Hand Coordination
  3. Enhance Memory skills
  4. Boost Thinking
  5. Develop Both Brain Activity
  6. Improved Colour Visualization
  7. Increased Spatial Awareness
  8. Identify Pressure points
  9. Helps to heal your Body Chakras
  10. Enhance Recall Stage

Also, eliminating the harmful addiction of television, mobile, movies, games, PlayStation and bad peer.

ICA or Indian Cube Association is an autonomous body that regulates and promotes Indian Cubers by providing them a National Platform. It has its headquarters based at Gujarat, India.

Yes , it’s absolutely necessary to start from a basic 3x3 cube because that is where the base/foundation gets laid for higher cubes.

Yes, we follow a sequence of Cube Learning in our online rubik's cube classes and we highly recommend our students to follow the same. Cube learning sequence:-

  • 3x3
  • 2x2
  • Pyraminx
  • Mirror
  • 4x4
  • 5x5
  • Megaminx
  • 6x6
  • Skewb