Jolly Grammer


Jolly Grammar Is The Next Stage, After A First Year With Jolly Phonics. The Materials Provide Guidance And Resources To Help Teach Grammar To Children; It Is Active And Multi-Sensory, With Emphasis On Consolidating The Children’s Knowledge From Jolly Phonics And Helping Them Develop An Understanding Of How Grammar Works.

How Does Jolly Grammar Work?

By Teaching Key Essential Grammar Rules, It Helps Children Bring Diversity To Their Writing And Improve Their Spelling In A Structured Way. Jolly Grammar Teaches A Wide Range Of Language Forms Including The Parts Of Speech, Plurals, Punctuation, And The Tenses Past, Present, And Future. It Also Teaches A Wide Range Of Spelling Rules, Including Defining Aspects Such As The Short Vowels. Jolly Grammar Uses Colours and Actions To Help Children Identify Parts Of Speech In Sentences, For Example Verbs Are Red And Nouns Are Black. Filled With Great Ideas And Fun Ways To Remember Some Of The Rules, Jolly Grammar Provides Teachers With A Systematic Way To Teach Grammar, Spelling And Punctuation.

Contents of the Program